Results Our Clients Can Expect

Indentify Top Talent

Our customized employee assessments give you insights into job candidates that are not possible with interviews alone or “off-the-shelf” assessments. In a concise process, the candidate is able to tell you “Who I am”; “What I can do”; “How I am like and different than the others on your team”; and “What motivates me”. More

Develop Effective Leaders

Develop leaders who think, communicate and manage more effectively. Many people can add up numbers or create strategy but those who can bring out the best in people are becoming more rare. Instead of classroom training, we leverage the science of neurology to work with leaders to co-create a change that lasts. More

Create Effective Teams

Organizations have shifted from a collection of individuals to a collection of teams. We minimize obstacles associated with team dynamics by combining the use of assessments, team charting, and intuition informed by years of studying and leading groups, organizations can expect to get the very best from their teams. More


  • I have no idea how Corporate Insights Assessments could know me that well just by asking questions online. I was skeptical at first but now I am a believer.

    Publishing Company, Marketing Executive, New York

  • We wanted to use Corporate Insights because we knew that they cared about our success as a company and my success in this role. When we showed an ROI of 10 times in the first year on improved retention and performance, I was relieved to realize that their care translated to improvements of the bottom line.

    Pharmaceutical Company, Director, Florida, United States

  • I was excited as soon as I heard I would get to participate in this pilot training, as it is exactly what I was looking for. I love how the exercises challenged us. I feel like I am really making a shift in the way I think.

    Information Technology Company, Vice President, New York

  • The “Critical Thinking” program we had the last few days was extraordinary. It is evident the time and throught you have poured into the program. The exercises, role plays and games are very challenging, effective and fun.

    Hospitality Company, Latin American President, Located in Mexico City